Friday, May 8, 2009

Part One - III : "There Are Two Sides To Every Story"

Part One

Chapter III

There Are Two Sides To Every Story

"Look, he'll never find out."

That was not really what I was so worried about to be quite honest. Having Josh find out I was sneaking away to a cabin with my girlfriends for a couple of weeks was not that much of a problem. I mean, he might get a little upset that I went without even telling him, we tell each other everything, but not over the fact that I was going. He trusted me, plus I would never do anything to ruin what we have. We have been with each other since the spring of junior year in high school. If I had stayed home instead of going off to college I bet he would have proposed to me. At the very least we would have our own place and I would not be forced into taking this girl's trip up north right now.

"I don't care if he does find out, he isn't going to be mad at me or anything, I just think I should call him and let him know she he doesn't think I was blatantly lying to him."

"No, you know he will want to come up and stay with us, and he'll bring all of his annoying friends with him. Don't do it."

"I'll tell him not to tell any of his friends."

"Come on, I thought this was supposed to be a retreat just for us girls? You don't want to ruin that by bringing guys into it do you?"

She was right, it would ruin the weekend, he would want to come up, and I would want him to too. I miss him, and with everything that has been going on, just being in his arms would make me feel at least a little better.

We were driving up to the White Mountains, where Alicia's roommate had a cabin. Two friends from school were already on their way up, and the four of us made plans to be up there for the next couple of weeks.

"Will you stop looking so gloomy? You will see him in two weeks, you've gone longer than that without seeing him before."

"For that last time, that's not what's on my mind!"

"Then what is the problem?"

"Never mind, just drive."

For a best friend, she could really get annoying. I have known her since third grade, but if there was no way I could be with Josh right now, she was the next best thing.

"How much longer anyways?"

"About two hours."

"Two hours? Can we stop and get some food in a little while? I doubt I'll be able to last that long, I'm starving."

I really was. I had just ate that morning only a couple hours before we left, but it was only cereal, and I left half the bowl untouched. I felt like I was going to throw up, I almost managed to get out of coming, but Alicia would never let me bail over a little nausea.

"I'm gonna take a nap, if you stop and get some food, wake me up."

"I'll stop if I see a place, but other than that you're out of luck."

She really grows on you if you get to know her, I promise.

I started to feel the nausea coming on again, so I put my seat all the way back and fell asleep. I knew damned well that she was not planning on stopping anywhere, even if she saw a place, but as long as I was asleep I wouldn't have to feel the hunger. It took me less than a minute or two to fall fast asleep, I was tired all of the time lately, and it was not only because I was tossing and turning all night thinking about 'it', but also because of 'it'.

While I was asleep, I dreamt of one of the many times Josh had come up to school to visit me. He used to come up and spend the day with me, just doing whatever I had to do with me. If I had homework, he would read. If I was free we would walk around campus, sometimes get something to eat at the local pizza house. He would stay all night until it was time for me to go to sleep. He would stay there, laying next to me until I feel asleep. I would sometimes wake up when he was getting up to leave, but I would never let him know. I wish he was here right now, more than ever.

"Hey Bitch. Wake up."

As my eyes opened, it was a little brighter outside. It appeared as if about half an hour had gone by. We were parked outside of some gas station and she was looking through her purse for something.

"I need to get some gas, go in and get your damned food. While you're in there pay for the gas too."

The only reason she woke me up at all was so would not have to go inside. I was hungry though, and was okay with that.

"Hurry up though, I don't want to be standing out here all day while you are in there deciding which type of Cheetos you want to buy."

I got up fast and jumped out of the car. The hunger in my stomach quickly turned to nausea, and I only made it a foot or two before I lost what little of my cereal I had that morning all over the ground.

"Christ Angel! Are you okay?"

I was able to make it another few steps to the garbage can they had next to the pump before the second wave came up. I have become accustomed to the queasiness that I have been subjected to recently, but I still can not get used to actually vomiting. Luckily, I was already wearing my hair up this time so I managed to keep any of it from getting on me. I grabbed one of the paper towels from the dispenser they had at every pump, and wiped my mouth.

"Yea, just a little motion sickness I think."

I was relatively certain it was not just motion sickness, but I was not about to tell that to her, at least not right here.

"I'll just get some water and something inside my stomach and I'll be feeling better in a little bit."

"Here's twenty for the gas."

I went back to the car and got my purse and grabbed the twenty from Alicia.

The inside of the store was made of all wood, just the same as the outside, and the man behind the counter looked as if her was the inspiration for Deliverance. I quickly grabbed a bottle of water for me, an iced tea for Alicia, a couple bag of chips, and of course my favorite, sour apple rings. I made a quick round of the place but still could not find what I was really looking for. It was only when I gave up and brought my purchases to the front that I found it behind the counter.

"Also the gas on pump three, and one of those."

The creepy attendant stayed facing me, one eye conveniently looking below my eye level, the other at the soda machine across the store. Despite his interest in where I was pointing, he knew what I wanted and reached behind himself and grabbed it.

"Thirty seven fifty."

I gave him the cash, grabbed my stuff and turned to leave.

"A pregnancy test? Is that what has been on your mind?"

All the fuss about making me come in so she could stay out at the car, and she still came in anyway.

"I, I don't know. It's just, well, we'll see right?"

She gave me a look that managed to ask if I was okay and if I was pulling her leg, all at the same time.

"I'm fine, I just want to make sure things are okay."

She accepted this for the time being and turned to the clerk.

"A pack of Marlboro Lights please."

Of course, she forgot her cigarettes.

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